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ByLindsay Randolph

4 Places To Count On For Great Food In Covina CA

Covina CA is home to quite a few restaurants that serve up so many types of cuisines. It depends on what you’re hungry for in regards to where you’re going to stop for a meal. Yet I can tell you this. After reading about these restaurants in Covina, you’re going to want to stop somewhere. Satisfy your hunger with one of these 4 top picks for dining establishments in Covina CA.

When is it ever a bad time to enjoy a delicious pizza pie? That’s what you’re going to get when you stop by The Artist Pizzeria, located off of Citrus Avenue. When you’re on Citrus Avenue, you’re in downtown Covina, so you can’t beat that dining experience. When it comes to The Artist Pizzeria, you’re talking about brick oven pizza, and reviews mention delectable desserts. Are you ready to design your own pizza for lunch or dinner?

How about some Cuban cuisine? A nice Cuban sandwich is certainly a treat. Located on Vincent Avenue, Media Noche Cuban Cuisine is a gem of a restaurant. Have you ever tried potato balls? This dining establishment is in West Covina. While it’s in a strip mall, reviewers say that you don’t want to judge; instead, try it out for yourself. This is a great restaurant with great food, a great atmosphere and great ambiance. Order up that Cuban sandwich.

What about Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine? That’s what you get when you stop by Oasis Grill, located at 20766 East Arrow Parkway. The lamb kabab is a favorite, and there are other kababs to choose from as well. The entire menu is said to be superb, and you’re really getting a special treat when you dine at Oasis Grill.

Do you like Thai food? My sister would definitely be voting to stop at Wood Cafe Thai Cuisine, located at 474 East San Bernadino Road. Order up the Pad Thai, mixed chicken and vegetables and so much more. Wood Cafe Thai Cuisine is a smaller place with only about 6 tables according to the reviews, but you’re going to love dining there. The food is delicious, and Thai cuisine is great for those vegetarians, too.

Order up food at any one of these 4 restaurants in Covina CA, and you’re going to enjoy yourself. Is your mouth watering yet? If so, it’s time to eat. I told you that you were going to be searching out food by the time you got done reading this.